Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984
Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984
Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984

Goshen Humane Society, Inc.
PO Box 37
Goshen NY 10924
(845) 294-3984
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Welcome to the Goshen Humane Society


My 6 year Journey, by Lily

Read Lily's inspiring success story!



Read our stories on the Pet Highlights Page!

Update on Noel:

It is with such sadness that I am letting everyone know that our beloved Noel passed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon, February 23, 2017. I have to believe that someone out there loved Noel at sometime other then the people at Goshen Humane Society along with the people that have sent cards and donations in the hopes that he would pull through. I know I will miss his soulful eyes, along with his prancing like walk. Noel was a mystery to all of us.....he will never be forgotten and will always be loved.


Goshen Humane Society believes in "Paying it forward."  

There isn't a day that I don't send out a thank you to someone who donated their time or things needed for the shelter. I am eternally grateful to ALL that help the shelter in some way.  Goshen Humane Society should matter to everyone.  I also understand there are people that truly do want to keep their cats and dogs but may be going through a tough time.  If you find that you need food for your cat or dog and that's what it takes to get through a temporary tough time, please come to the shelter and we will help the best that we can.  I admire anyone who truly wants to keep their pet, but may just be having a tough time feeding them.  If we can help in some small way, GHS wants to help.  All I ask in return is that you "pay it forward" down the road to someone else that needs help.  Either visit the shelter or call us at 845-294-3984 and ask for our help. 


The Adoption Process Just Got Easier!

We are pleased to say that we have upgraded the Adoption Application Process. We have teamed up with PetstablishedPetstablished is a premium provider of management software to Animal Welfare Organizations. Through their easy-to-use-interface AWOs can track information for all of our pets, adopters, fosters, donations, and staff. We are using their Web based Adoption forms. No more printing and mailing (unless you prefer the 'hand on' experience, which you can still do). 

Please fill out your application for one our our shelter cats or dogs at https://www.petstablished.com/organization/29607 and follow the instructions to make your on line adoption experience as positive as possible. You can also find our adoptable animals on http://www.rescueme.org  and www.adoptme.com   along with many other websites.  If you do not have a computer, please come into the shelter as you will want to meet any potential cat or dog that you may want to adopt and we will be happy to fill out the application for you on line.

Look to Adopt? Please go to Petfinder or our "Pets Highlights" and Cats and Dogs page to see our other shelter animals.


Looking to Surrender?

At the present time we are taking in dogs on a case by case basis.  Please understand that there ARE fees involved.  Most people looking to surrender dogs have dogs that are not spayed or neutered, untested or vaccinated and most haven't been to a Vet in a long time.  In order to be in the shelter a dog needs to spayed or neutered, tested for Heartworm/Lyme, and vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella. The shelter can't absorb this cost.  This is the responsibility of the pet owner.  We suggest that before you look to surrender your dog to contact T.A.R.A. (The Animal Rights Alliance) in Middletown at 845-343-1000 or their website http://www.tara-spayneuter.org/ to get your dog fully updated before looking to surrender them.  The services that TARA provides make it easily affordable to get what your pet needs. There is also a surrender fee. 

We are also accepting cats at this time.  As most people know, we receive NO funding whatsoever for cats, so the same goes for cats.  Cats need to be spayed/neutered, tested for FIV/Leukemia, and vaccinated for Rabies and Distemper.  There is also a surrender fee.  Please remember that by surrendering your dog or cat that we are taking on the responsibility of caring for them and anything that arises medically.  Some of these animals stay in the shelter longer than others.  

PLEASE DO NOT put your animals on CRAIGSLIST!  If you are looking to re home your pet, Craigslist is not the place to do it.  Please ask family and friends, neighbors exhaust all efforts before looking to put your pet in a shelter.  Even though we love and care for all animals that come through our shelter, some do not do well in shelters regardless of how much love they receive.

If you are looking to surrender a cat or dog, please email goshenhumansociety@gmail.com  You will get a response within 48 hours.  When you email, please provide pictures, your situation, where you live, age of pet, health, if spayed or neutered and what vaccines and tests they have have and when. 

Community FYI

In regards to DOG CONTROL DOGS - Dog owners are required by law to have an up to date Rabies and Dog License for their dogs.  If your dog ends up at the shelter you can incur fines.  If your dog ends up at the shelter a 2nd time (or multiple times) unfortunately there will be increased fines.  In addition, if the Dog Control Officer comes out to pick up a dog that is lose, we are allowed to charge you a fine. We are being called to come out and pick up dogs at late hours of the night because dog owners are not watching or containing their dogs. We have had multiple dogs this past year who are repeat offenders who are lose on a weekly basis and we are being called to come and retrieve them.  To date we have not fined people, but because this has become a huge issue, it is important that people know that they will be fined.  If your dog is NOT up to date with rabies, unfortunately they can't leave the shelter, so it is very important that you make sure they are up to date.  Licensing is $7, so please make sure this is done.  Again, T.A.R.A. (845-343-1000) in Middletown, does ALL of these services are incredibly low cost.  PLUS they will micro chip your dog.  You can call them or go to their website for pricing.  It is much less expensive to get your dog up to date, and licensed then to incur fines.  We appreciate your cooperation, plus it makes our job easier as we end up spending a lot of time looking for owners of dogs that are scared and just want to get home to their owners.  If you have any questions, please call the shelter at 845-294-3984.


Special Wishlist need:

We have not been successful in raising money for fencing, but are in GRAVE need of new chain link fencing doors outside.  When we added onto the shelter about 4 years ago and tried to save money, we reused old fence doors.  They are very unsafe, extremely corroded and we have duct taped them to the point where there is not much to duct tape anymore.  Because of this we only put out one dog at a time.  We do need more fencing for the dogs to be able to have more exercise, however replacement outside doors are a top priority right now.  You can donate by going to our GOFUNDME page where we are raising money for difference causes.  You can also go to our DONATIONS PAGE.   

For our cats, something new that would be a great interactive toy is Pet Cube.  This item can be found on AMAZONSMILE (where you can also donate to your favorite charity.)  Pet Cube enables us to interact with the cats and not even be at the shelter.  A great way to be able to play and interact even when we can't physically be with them.

Please see our Donations Page!


You can now Donate to GHS through Amazon!




GHS is now on GOFUNDME

Chain link Gates &  Pet cube


Donation Clothing and Shoe Bin

Spring Cleaning Season will soon be here!

Located at the entrance of Goshen Humane Society and the DPW on Police Drive. Now you can clean out your closets all year round! Thank you Everyone!


Goshen Humane Society T-shirts sale going on now!

Blue tie die shirts are $18. White shirt sleeve (not pictured) are $15 and white long sleeved t-shirts are $20 for all sizes. Call 845-294-3984 or come by the Shelter.

We are temporarily out of the Tie Dye Shirts, but should have more in stock by Spring 2017


Goshen Humane Society still struggles with the issues of very low funding from Town & Village. In comparison to other municipalities, we are at the very bottom of the totem pole when it come to funding. Shelters in our area are getting 4 times and higher what Goshen Humane Society is getting. At the end of each day, this means that our survival is based on what we bring in from surrender and adoption fees, and the generosity of the public. This can't go on much longer without either more people getting involved primarily in fundraising and grant writing. Yes, these are fulltime commitments but we need people that can put together BIG fundraisers with very little cost and can work on their own. Please help the shelter as it falls on a very few and this is our means of survival.

Please consider becoming a member of Goshen Humane Society. Membership is $25 per person. $25.00 will go a long way to help a shelter animal. Please click here and fill out a membership on line and become a member.

Find out more about our Non-Profit Organization and our ratings on Great Nonprofits !

Shelter Hours:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun: 11 AM – 3 PM

Extended Friday hours 11 AM - 4 PM


Goshen Humane Society, Inc.
PO Box 37
Goshen NY 10924
(845) 294-3984
Fax: 845-294-3911
email: goshenhumanesociety@gmail.com
We are located at 44 Police Drive, Goshen, NY right behind the DPW and Town Police Dept

What's New

We are pleased to announce the we now accept, Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards.

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See Photos of our Shelter Additions project here.


Volunteer - Do you have some time to help at our shelter with cleaning, socializing animals or walking dogs? Would you like to donate either your time or some much needed supplies? We welcome your help.

Become a Member - Please consider renewing or becoming a new member of GHSI. Click here for an application. Your dues will help us to care for the animals.

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Good Read about what Shelter Life is really like:

Donate a Bed

We now have an abundance of cat Kuranda condo's and beds right now, however we are in need of Large and Extra Large Kuranda Dog beds, so if you are considering donating a Kuranda bed the dogs are in need right now. Thank you for you donations! Please click here.


Click on image to link to this site.

Update 2015: We have received the 

Top-Rated Nonprofit Award for 2015

DONATIONS NEEDED TOWARDS LARGE VETERINARY BILLS. We also are always in need of horse bedding pellets which can be purchased at Tractor Supply. We changed to pellets over cat litter as there is a tremendous savings. Please visit this page for more information.



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