Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984
Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984
Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984

Goshen Humane Society, Inc.
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Cats and Dogs Available for Adoption

If you have any questions, call us at (845) 294-3984 or contact us by email

Adoption/Process Fees:

Kittens $130.00
Cats $85.00
Senior Cats - $75.00

Puppies $300.00 or more
Dogs - $140.00 and up (depending on size and age)
Senior Dogs - case by case basis
Pure Breeds - prices vary according to age/breed (Cats & Dogs)

Adoption fees for cats & dogs are non-refundable after 72 hours. If you return a pet after this time frame, your adoption fee will be considered a donation to Goshen Humane Society. Thank you! Something to think about before adopting!

Available Dogs & Cats: Click here for a list of pets available at Goshen Humane Society (opens a new browser window at Petfinder.com, when you are done, just close the browser window to return to this page.
Please also see our Cats & Dogs page for other available cats & dogs.

We have upgraded to a new Adoption Form and Database through Petstablished.com. Our Adoption Applications are now web based, just click on the desired application below, fill out form and hit the Submit button! 

Note: PLEASE call each of your references (personal and Veterinarian) and let them know that someone from Goshen Humane Society will be calling to talk to them for a couple moments. This is important so that the adoption process can run smoothly and we can complete your application.

Animals are rarely adopted on the same day, however sometimes cats are able to leave the same day if all your references are in order and have returned our calls. You must give your Veterinarian permission to talk to us, otherwise we can't contact him/her. Dogs usually are not adopted on the same day, but in rare occasions sometimes. If you have another dog in your household, it is important that you make the time to do a "meet and greet" at the shelter, and bring any family members who might be a part of the adoption process. This hopefully will make for a great adoption and happy family/pet. Thank you!

If you are interested in adopting any of our animals, you may follow these links to our adoption applications.

Feline Application      Canine Application

If you prefer a more 'hands on' approach, Please print the appropriate form for the animal you would like to adopt, fill out the requested information and visit our shelter to meet the animal and submit your application.  If you have already visited our shelter and need to mail your completed application, our mailing address is:

Goshen Humane Society, Inc.
PO Box 37,
Goshen, NY 10924

Something to think about before adopting!

Adopting an animal requires long and careful thought. Whether you adopt a cat or a dog, it can take several weeks and longer for an animal to adjust to it's new surroundings. Before making the decision to adopt from GHS, please thoroughly read the adoption application and remember that if your aren't able to give your new pet the time it needs, think about adopting in the future when you can make the right commitment. Returning an animal to the shelter after several hours or a couple of days means that can have adverse affects on a shelter animal.

Unfortunately, too many animals are returned in a day or two because it "didn't work out." Adopting a cat, dog, kitten or puppy is a life long commitment. Please keep this in mind when you decide to "add" to your family! Making sure that the needs of your new pet are thought of first mean a happier animal!!

Thank You!
Goshen Humane Society

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