Adopt a Dog or Puppy

If you are interested in one of our shelter Dogs or Puppies, please fill out Our Canine Adoption Application.

This application process is through

Once approved, an appointment will be made to meet the cat or kitten you are interested in. We won’t be having anyone inside the shelter to browse/look at animals at this time that isn’t pre-approved. It is too high risk right now to do this.

When you have completed an application on Petstablished, you can call the shelter at 845-294-3984 and leave a message that you have filled out an application. When one of our staff makes contact, please be prepared to answer questions.

Times are different right now and it is important that our staff stay healthy. Our hours are also limited at this point in time due to budget, and because of COVID-19, so all visits to the shelter will be by appointment.

Also, please understand the entire process can take up to 2 weeks which is already stated on the Pet Established website – hopefully less, but we’re asking that you be patient.

Veterinary offices are overwhelmed and have limited hours, and vet references are part of the application process. An adoption will not happen over night. Thank you for your understanding.

Something to think about before adopting!

Adopting an animal requires long and careful thought. Whether you adopt a cat or a dog, it can take several weeks and longer for an animal to adjust to it’s new surroundings. Before making the decision to adopt from GHS, please thoroughly read the adoption application and remember that if your aren’t able to give your new pet the time it needs, think about adopting in the future when you can make the right commitment. Returning an animal to the shelter after several hours or a couple of days means that can have adverse affects on a shelter animal.

Unfortunately, too many animals are returned in a day or two because it “didn’t work out.” Adopting a cat, dog, kitten or puppy is a life long commitment. Please keep this in mind when you decide to “add” to your family! Making sure that the needs of your new pet are thought of first mean a happier animal!!

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