Where do I start? I’ve seen a lot in my years of overseeing Goshen Humane, so nothing really surprises me, however as soon as I met “Holly” she tugged at my heart. I named this sweet girl Holly since she was rescued on December 1st and this is the start of the holiday season and to me she is a Christmas miracle.

My husband is the local dog control and was called on the evening of December 1st. Oddly enough Holly was not in the area that we cover for dog control. The dog control/Humane Society did not answer in the town she was located in, so the Sheriff called my husband asking if he would be willing to assist. He was more than happy to.

He drove to Middletown, NY and waited in his truck for the Sheriff to arrive. He called me and said “I don’t know what’s going on here but 4 or 5 Sheriff vehicles just drove up!” The Sheriff entered the home whilst my husband was asked to go to the pen where Holly was. What he saw wasn’t fit for rats to live in. Plywood, and old cushion from a van, leaves and tons of feces is what Holly had to call her home. The previous couple days of heavy rain – Holly had been out in it. They just didn’t care.

My husband approached Holly with some turkey and she gently took the turkey…. as I write this I have tears because he told me that it was obvious she wanted human love so badly. She was very gentle with my husband. He put a leash on her and she got in the truck. She immediately found his box of dog treats. Smart girl….

Her owner Alicia Santos, 28 of Middletown, NY was arrested, handcuffed and taken away…..the hard work comes now and we have to make sure the charges stick. She has no interest in the dog – obviously. I’m sure she’s made money off of Holly’s puppies – Holly was just a puppy making machine.

My husband brought Holly to the shelter and I just cried. She walked in and came over to me and just gave me her paw. I knew I had a friend. Holly has been overly bred and it looks as though she recently had puppies. She is about 45 lbs. and 2 1/2 years of age. The Vet said she is void of nutrition as her hair is brittle and breaking, and her skin has open sores. Her ears are completely crusted, with cuts, with missing hair. Her eyes – just soulful.

I don’t think Holly has even ever had a blanket. I brought her out 2 big comforters and a new Kuranda bed. I turned around and she was on top of the comforters having made them into a pile – smart girl. She has so much love to give…… the problem is that no one that she lived with wanted it. They just didn’t give a crap about her!!!

We have no idea what her bills will be…..will we get anything from the City of Middletown? I doubt it. In all honesty, Holly is one of several dogs like this that we’ve had come through our doors this year. It has been a tough year that way. I believe that dogs find their way to Goshen Humane Society for a reason:). Holly has been publicized in the papers and radio and obviously the Sheriffs Dept. Is involved. Her case will be important to make sure these people aren’t allowed to have another dog and are hopefully prosecuted under ROCKY’S LAW. Anything you donate will go towards her welfare and medical care. She will spend her time at the shelter as she has truly bonded with all of us and we want her to trust and know that she has stability and that she has a place to call home – until she has a permanent home. Holly can’t have visitors right now as she needs bloodwork, Heartwork & Lyme testing, etc….. We also want to make sure she doesn’t have mange. I guess Christmas miracles do happen – Holly would not have lasted until 2017…… Thank you to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and to my husband for getting her to Goshen Humane Society. Your safe now Holly. J