Noel came into our shelter on the evening of Tuesday, December 20th, 2016. I have hesitated writing about him because his case is much more severe than our friend “Holly” in the shelter.
A good samaritan contacted me on the eve of 12/20 through Facebook as I was leaving my office. She was going into Dazzlers Hair Design only to see a dog almost get hit by a car. This dog was Noel……As you can see from the the picture Noel was in incredibly bad shape. This good samaritan “Patti” had called the Wallkill Police Dept who never showed up and left messages with the Wallkill ACO (animal control) who to date has still not returned calls. She also left messages with Middletown Humane Society and Pets Alive. A Vets office offered to see if Noel was micro chipped but nothing else. It was obvious that this poor soul needed immediate medical attention.
Desperate she facebooked me and I answered. I called my staff who was walking dogs at the shelter and they called our Goosepond Vet who took us Noel in immediately. Noel weighed in at 29 lbs. and was diagnosed with a grade 3 heart murmur, Anaplasmosis, anemia and severe arthritis, and believed to be about 7 years of age. Literally just skin and bones, Noel’s eyes were just empty space. He hasn’t been well enough to vaccinate or give Revolution.

Noel is on Vet prescribed Critical/Urgent care food. Noel did not eat or drink for almost 36 hours which is common in dogs this severe. Dogs in this shape loose the “hunger urge” and need to be restimulated. Basically we needed to give Noel hope and the will to live. We would put food in his mouth and it would just fall out. We would put droppers of water in the side of his mouth and eventually he would react. We just did it over and over until he got the hint and realized that we needed him to fight and we were there for him.He just didn’t care for the first 36 hours or so. Then on the 22nd he started to nibble at his food on his own. It is a slow process, but we are hopeful each day. Noel has very tiny mini seizures/shakes but at this time we don’t know why. Noel more than any dog we’ve ever had in our shelter needs everyone’s prayers. No, he didn’t make the news like Holly, but his life is just as important. We will all need to fight for Noel.
Today Noel left to live with one of our seasonal employees who is attending Animal Behavorial College and he has a nice big window to look out and he loves it. He’s getting alot of attention. Noel was found in the area of Dazzlers Hair Design. We feel that he was on the run for awhile, but don’t know for sure. Has anyone ever seen this dog or know where he may have come from? We’re hoping that 2017 will be kinder to Noel.

Noel Update: February 2017

It is with such sadness that I am letting everyone know that our beloved Noel passed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. I have to believe that someone out there loved Noel at sometime other then the people at Goshen Humane Society along with the people that have sent cards and donations in the hopes that he would pull through. I know I will miss his soulful eyes, along with his prancing like walk. Noel was a mystery to all of us…..he will never be forgotten and will always be loved.