Phoenix and Luna

In 2018,  Luna (originally Dixie) arrived in our shelter and began her long journey with us.

It is with great sadness today (10/29/2019) and a 💔that I tell everyone that Luna has gone over the Rainbow bridge.

As many may know Luna developed pneumonia a couple weeks ago…..we were all fearful as her brother passed away from complications to pneumonia. Luna was tired and fought hard. She was always a fighter❤️

She came to us with EPI and then Diabetes showed it’s ugly head. She developed Thyroid issues earlier this year and started developing cataracts.

For a pup that wasn’t even 2 years of age, she had the medical issues of a senior dog. Luna and her siblings deserved so much better.

Luna was loved by sooooo many and as I sat with her today and some of my staff I know in my heart she knew this. She lived to entertain, to make us laugh, to be our cuddle partner and be a best friend to so many of us. Her nose never left the ground looking for food. Her diet was very strict and she would wait by the kitchen door for the timer to go off twice a day.

Luna didn’t have a mean bone in her tiny little body. She loved car rides, going for walks and loved playing in the yard w/the staff, and Breanna of course. She had outfits for everyday of the week – mostly provided by her BFF Breanna.

She became friends w/Holly the Pit Bull at the shelter. I think Holly thought she was Luna’s mother. In all the years of overseeing GHS, we all agreed today that there is no dog (other than Phoenix) that has been photographed as much as Luna has.

Luna’s video is a little over 8 minutes (just an FYI😊) – it is from the day these pups were taken from the horrific conditions they were living in. The last picture is today……Luna was able to be with all the people that cared for her on a daily basis today before her final destination.

I have to thank Dr. Rothenberg from Goosepond Animal Hospital. He has pretty much exclusively cared for Luna and was with her until the end. He is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met! Thank you❤️🙏.

Thank you Flannery Animal Hospital for the care given when she needed overnight care!

Thank you to my staff! Heidi, Laura, Jerrica, Morgan, Sam for caring for Luna every day. Thank you Mary Lou for spending time w/Luna. Thank you Lidia for helping w/Luna.

Now I take a deep breath…..Thank you Breanna❤️❤️❤️😪😪for caring about a dog that made a difference in so many lives. Thank you for dropping everything and coming and taking her for the day and hanging out (OFTEN!!) Thank you for outfitting her (better than most of us😊) Thank you for donating towards her needs in general. Thank you to your Mom!! Thank you for being a friend!! As Luna and I drove to Goosepond today I told her that she would be meeting up with Phoenix. She promised they will walk the halls of GHS and watch over us and take care of us. THE END❤️