Savannah’s story begins in early April, 2021. She showed up on the doorstep of a Middleton, NY woman, who them called us frantic. Savannah was very sick and appeared to have a broken leg as well as being pregnant and then soon began to deliver her babies. 

We called Goosepond Animal Hospital and they saw her quickly. Savannah had advanced Mastitis and a broken leg that needed surgery & pins.

Savannah’s babies were placed in foster care.

Mid April and Savannah is recovering nicely. as you can see, Savannah is really starting to use her leg (as scrawny as it looks🥰) and looks soooo much happier and healthier. Her mastitis infection has healed, and her pin is scheduled to come out 5/20. Please consider donating as we will also have to get this sweet girl spayed – hopefully when she gets her pin out so she isn’t put under twice. As you can see, she’s posing for the camera❤️🙏

Mid May She’ll be getting her pins removed this coming week and spayed. It will be bittersweet as she will be leaving us soon. This little girl came to us so sick and broken, and she is so full of love. We are so happy that she will have a lifetime of love with her new mom shortly!! We are appreciative of everyone that has donated so far to her veterinary care❤️

26 May 2021

So a very special day at GHS, as Savannah leaves for her 4-ever home today w/Brenda. We will miss this very sweet girl who came to us a couple months back broken in so many ways……She is back to her full beauty now🙏, on her way to a full recovery, her pins removed and going to a home where there is soooo much love waiting for her❤️, and I might add a small dog that looks like could be her “dog” twin lol. There couldn’t be a better match for this sweet girl as Brenda has been there in spirit w/Savannah since the beginning and we are so very grateful!! Thank you to everyone that donated towards her extensive veterinary bills. Her kittens are BIG now and doing very well also!! We love you Savannah!

Sooooooo, guess who’s home already……YES, it’s Savannah lol!!! And she’s the Princess of the house!!!❤️ For those of us that have been lucky enough to have held this soft, cuddly, loving, sweet girl we are just so happy to see her in her new home with all her new “toys,” and her new bed. You can just tell how comfortable and happy she is. I know we’ll have LOT’S of updates for her and she’ll be keeping her name too🙏. She’s probably wondering which stuff animal to cuddle up to first lol.